Product Details:

To inhibit / control green and other algae / bacteria / fungi is the main purpose of using XL TREAT-6013. These troublesome microbiological growths can cause number of problems such as plugging of pipelines and equipments, reduced cooling capacity, corrosion etc.

These problems can be nullified by our product XL TREAT-6013, which is broad-spectrum algaecide, effective over a broad pH range and can be used along with other water treatment chemicals.

It contains powerful amines, chlorine, carbamates, low foaming surfactants and corrosion inhibitors, which are known for its effectiveness on the microbes.


Appearance: Colorless to Yellowish liquid
Specific Gravity: 1.15-1.25
Solubility: Complete


  • Effectively controls algae formation
  • Prevents slipperiness.
  • Prevents development of bad fouling odor.
  • Inhibits chloramines formation.
  • Inhibits hazardous bacterial growth.
  • Improves cooling tower capacity, cooling capacity.


50 kg Carboy/ 200 kg. Drum

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