Sludge Conditioner...

Product Details :

XL TREAT-2191 is a high performance sludge conditioner scientifically formulated for the treatment of boiler feed water systems. XL TREAT-2191 is used to condition and disperse any residual hardness from within the boiler water.

XL TREAT-2191 is based on a sulphonated polymer and also contains phosphate. XL TREAT-2191 is most effective in the presence of caustic alkalinity.

XL TREAT-2191 causes hardness cations to form a fine non-adherent sludge which is removed with the boiler blowdown.

Product Specification :

              Appearance  :     Pale straw liquid

              pH                :     4.0 - 7.0

              Specific gravity :  1.183

              Solubility      :      Soluble

Product Application :

High performance sludge conditioner

Helps maintain heat transfer efficiency

Compatible with most boiler water treatments

Product Packing Details :

50 Kg. HDPE carboy.

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