XL TREAT-3201 is a high performance cooling water bio-dispersant that incorporates powerful surface active agents. It is scientifically formulated for the treatment of cooling systems including re-circulating and once-through cooling water systems.

XL TREAT-3201is a high specification product developed to improve the performance of cooling water systems where fouling by microbiological slimes is reducing overall system efficiency, by removing and dispersing the unwanted deposits.

XL TREAT-3201is extremely effective at controlling oil based fouling and is the ideal solution for use in both re-circulating and once-through cooling water systems.


Appearance    :       Clear to yellow Liquid

Odor              :           Slight

PH                  :           6.0-7.0

Relative density   :           1.05

Solubility          :           Complete



Powerful bio-dispersant

Suitable for use in both re-circulating and once through cooling water systems

Improves the performance of cooling water systems

Improves system efficiency

Removes and disperses unwanted deposits

Controls oil based fouling


50 kg. Carboy/ 200 kg. Drum


XL TREAT-3204is a proprietary multifunctional polymer that provides outstandingsilica and magnesium silicate scale inhibition.

XL TREAT-3204 prevents silica-based scale formation by dispersing colloidal silica and by preventing magnesiumsilicate scale formation at heat transfer surfaces.

XL TREAT-3204 has been evaluated under field conditions, allowing up to 300 ppm silica in the recirculating waterwithout scale. Case histories are available upon request from your local technical representative.


Appearance :   Pale Yellow to Yellow Viscous                                Liquid

Active Content :    30.0% Min

PH               :           2.0 to 2.5

Viscosity (cps)  :      600-700 max.

Specific Gravity :     1.20

Solubility       :   Soluble in Water


>Recirculating cooling circuits: XL TREAT-3204 offers unique features for the treatment of silica-limited cooling waters, allowing up to at least 300 ppm silica in the recirculating water without scale or corrosion problems.

  • Keeps surfaces clean for maximum heat transfer and enhances the performance of organic corrosion inhibitors.
  • Has excellent thermal and chemical stability.
  • Can be formulated at any pH without degradation.
  • Exhibits a very good stability in the presence of hypochlorite.
  • Contains no phosphorus, making its use acceptable where legislation requires that discharge waters containlow or no phosphorus.


50kg.HDPE carboys.

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