Colour Removal...

Product Details :

XL FLOC-5568 is Water soluble organic polymer for raw water clarification and in process application for steel, mining, Aluminum, Oil Processing industries & effluent treatment plant. Particularly effective in primary clarification, sludge thickening and sludge dewatering applications for the Waste water.

Product Specification :

        Appearance   :     Pale to colorless clear liquid

             Odor         :     None

 Specific Gravity     :    1.0-1.15

 Viscosity (cps)      :     25-50

             pH             :      2.5-3.0

 Average % NVS     :      45 – 55


BOD and COD Removal

Cell Separation

Color Removal

Desalination and water reuse

Digestate dewatering

XL FLOC-5568 is used after dilution. The rate of dilution will depend directly on the parameters of the solution to be treated (concentration, viscosity,) and on the application equipment (pump, flow,).

Direct injection of the coagulant can be considered, although a previous dilution between 0.5 and 10% is recommended.


Product Packing Details :

50 Kgs HDPE Carboy.

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