Sodium hypochlorite...

Product Details:

Sodium hypochlorite is also known as soda bleach or chlorine bleach. It is an excellent sterilizer, oxidizer and decoloring agent, and also acts as a germicide, fungicide and deodorant.

The chemical is used as a bleaching agent for rayon pulp, paper and fabrics; as household bleach for fly control; and for industrial water treatment and pool chlorination. It also finds application as a food additive.

Product Specification:

Clear to Pale Yellow Liquid

NaOCl: 12.0% Min (120 GPL) 

Total alkali as NaOH : 0.1-1.0% Max

Specific Gravity@25°C : 1.15-1.25

Solubility:Miscible in Water

Product Application:

Bleaching agent for rayon pulp and paper, cotton, linen and jute

Disinfectant and deodorant in dairies and creameries (sterilization)

Water treatment (chlorination)

Household bleach

Pool chlorination

Fly control (sterilization)



Product Packing:

50kgCarboys, 200 kg. Drum

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